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Khan & Associates address-1st Floor 131 Kolmar Road and phone -(09) 440 9109

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  • 1st Floor 131 Kolmar Road
    Papatoetoe, Auckland
    New Zealand
  • Phone: (09) 440 9109
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 DO NOT TRUST THEM and AVOID at all costs - slow, inexperienced, 02-02-2016 11:31AM

By: Alok

I have never had such poor service from any business than I have had from this law firm. Khans are a general practise family owned law firm that do not focus on getting the best results for their clients.

I had poor advice on my relationship property matter from Serish Khan and ended up selling my house without a written agreement which is NOT the right thing to do (only exception is if you are having extreme difficulty paying the home loan which I was not). Serish had the notion selling the house would get the matter progressed quicker. As a result my money was locked for 4 months after the sale and I could not use that as a needed deposit to buy my next place. In that same time my Auckland house value went up an extra $84,000 which means I ended up losing $42,000 (my 50% share had the house not been sold). Given i was living in the house and my home loan payment was less than market rent for it I was far better off not selling it prematurely.

My complaint was only responded to me almost 2 weeks after I left messages for someone to call me. And then another partner Farah had the cheek to make me aware that I am not being charged for her time calling me about my complaint and went on to defend her sister Serish. They are clueless about how to handle complaints. This father and daughters firm is only interested about making money and take on more clients than they can handle. They are severely understaffed and lack the expertise required to navigate you successfully through relationship matters as they are a general practice not a specialist law firm.

Selling without a written agreement seems to be a standard malpractice in the legal industry with both inexperienced lawyers and judges advocating for it. That is simply because they don't know what they are doing. What happens when you sell without a written agreement? Your money gets tied up rotting in a lawyer's trust account and can even get TIED UP FOR YEARS till a written agreement is reached. Money that you know is yours but you can't use it as it is locked up. A stupid result - it is worse than Kiwisaver as at least you know you can get your money at age 65 with Kiwisaver and accordingly base your decisions on how much to put.

The law society is a sham and does not investigate nor take complaints seriously like the financial industry does and their compensation awards are far less. Go to parents meetings and learn about the traps as you will learn far more there than from most lawyers you pay to work for you. Lawyers are inherently costly and there is no real recourse for you if they give you poor advice which ends up costing you a fortune.

The legal industry is not held to the high standards that the financial services industry is. You have to do your own research to ensure your lawyer is advising you correctly!